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The Kit
for Centering Black Youth Wellbeing

Call-In-Cards for
Anti-Black Racism Action!

The Call-In-Cards centre critical self-reflexivity as the source and impetus to connect understandings of anti-Black racism to anti-Black racism action.

Four decks of cards across four themes feature 16 scenarios with four prompts that guide critical self-reflexivity to support anti-Black racism action.

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A Certificate on
Combatting Anti-Black Racism


The online Certificate is open year-round and provides the Ontario youth sector with the foundational knowledge to cultivate practices, policies, and alliances that challenge, disrupt, and combat systematic anti-Black racism.

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REX TV by YouthREX

Dive into the world of program evaluation and critical youth sector topics with REX TV by YouthREX! Explore our curated video collection of shared knowledge for empowering better youth outcomes.

Have burning questions about program evaluation? Critical issues related to the youth sector? How you can be supported as a youth worker or a youth organization? You've come to the right place!

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The Ontario Youth Sector Compass

The Ontario Youth Sector Compass is a research project focused on understanding the experiences of young people and youth workers in Ontario.

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