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Our vision is an Ontario where shared knowledge is transformed into positive impact for all youth!

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Economic Empowerment of Black Youth in Ontario

What could transformative economic empowerment for Black youth in Ontario look like? We built a roadmap for how we can get there, together.


August 17th
4:30PM to 6:30PM ET

Youth organizing embraces both individual development and social change, but how can positive adult allyship meaningfully support youth-led movements?

Asking About Gender: NEW Toolkit

The way that we ask about gender is important. We've partnered with LGBT YouthLine to develop a toolkit that breaks down assumptions about gender, and we co-hosted a webinar on Thursday, April 21st, to interrogate and challenge how we understand gender and how we engage with gender in our youth work. Watch the webinar recording!

Check out Asking About Gender: A Toolkit for Youth Workers.

You can also read more about this work on REX Blog.

What's With Weed?

We are excited to share a redesigned What's With Weed webpage! We collaborated with a variety of partners — including young people! — to redesign a youth-friendly one-stop-shop on everything they might ask about cannabis and cannabis use.

Take a look through the five most common questions young people have about cannabis. Learn about the legalization movement and how you can use cannabis more safely. 

These resources are also available in French!

Check out our What's With Weed Featured Collection!

Cannabis & Youth: A Certificate for Youth Workers   

Register today for our free self-guided online certificate that provides youth workers with evidence-based information on the health, social, and legal risks associated with cannabis use. Learn how to support informed decision-making, and educate and increase awareness among young people.


The Ontario Youth Sector Compass


The Ontario Youth Sector Compass is a research project focused on understanding the experiences of young people and youth workers in Ontario.

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