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Striking A Chord: The Power of Music Programs for Young People

Thursday, December 5th | 11am to 12:30pm EST

What are the benefits of music education for young people?

How do community music programs specifically impact the lives of underserved youth?

This engaging conversation explored the power of community music programs. Discover how music education can facilitate social and emotional learning, specifically by cultivating a sense of belonging and creating opportunities for peer connection, expression, empowerment, and community-building.

Our guests for this discussion represented different communities and approaches to youth engagement in Ontario and beyond...

Karen Burke
Inaugural Fellow for the Helen Carswell Chair in Community Engaged Research in the Arts; Associate Professor, Department of Music, York University

Corey Butler
Founder & Artistic Director of Zamar Music Productions Inc.; Course Director, Faculty of Fine Arts, York University

Alison Curcio
Director of Programs,
Regent Park School of Music

Vanessa Chase
Program Manager, Jane & Finch,
Regent Park School of Music

Andrew Gesing
Artistic & Social Impact Coordinator, OrKidstra

Thomass Muir
Graduate, Regent Park School of Music, and Global Business & Digital Arts Student, University of Waterloo

Yuki Numata Resnick
Executive Director & Co-Founder, Buffalo String Works



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