Doing Right Together for Black Youth

YouthREX is commited to addressing the racial and structural inequities that Black youth and communities across the province experience. 

Doing Right Together for Black Youth summarizes what was learned from over 1,500 community members during community consultations to co-develop the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan (BYAP) in 2017. 

This report shares the top 10 issues f0r Black youth and their families, ideas on the best ways to engage Black youth in meaningfully shaping the development and implementation of the BYAP projects, as well as the important characteristics of organizations that can meet the needs of Black youth.

"Black youth have a stake in - and the skills and experience to contribute to - the issues that impact their daily lives. Their involvement is key to resisting the stigma associated with 'Black youth at risk', a stigma that wrongly and violently tells a single story of Black youth in media and public discourses." 

- Dr. Uzo Anucha, Lead Author, Doing Right Together for Black Youth

Required Reading

These resources provide critical, evidence-based perspectives on the intersecting historial, social, and systemic forces that play out in the lives of Black youth, families, and communities.

They were instrumental in the creation of the report. 

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