Connect with peers, share ideas and
experiences, and learn and apply new skills

Our workshops build evaluation
and critical youth work capacity in a
face-to-face environment.

Some workshops support skills development in a particular area, while others introduce concepts that support critical thinking in youth work practice.

Critical Youth Work

Anti-Oppressive Practice in Youth Work: Towards Transformative Leadership

This workshop explores how an understanding of intersectionality, asset-based frameworks, and critical reflexivity can support our everyday work with young people, as well as identify options and opportunities for change.

Supporting Youth: Nurturing Relationships While Navigating Boundaries

This workshop explores the range of issues and dynamics that are in play when working with youth, including the personal as well as various ethical, legislative, and rights-based considerations.


Evaluation 101 & Evaluation 102

This workshop series supports participants to develop an evaluation plan, implement it, and use the findings to improve their programs and share their impact.


Charting Change: Using Logic Models for Youth Program Evaluation

This workshop is highly interactive, includes a hands-on logic modelling activity, and provides participants with tools, templates, and resources for undertaking logic modelling on their own.

Program Design

Intentional Program Design for Youth Wellbeing

This workshop explores the concept of intentionality as a framework for creating a new “architecture” in youth programs. Participants explore the structure and schedule of youth programs from three different lenses and learn about effective program design from the perspective of youth.

Youth Engagement in Action! 
From Programs FOR Youth to Programs WITH Youth

The workshop invites youth workers to explore the why, what, and how of youth-adult partnerships in community programs and agencies. Attendees have the opportunity to explore questions of leadership and advocacy strategies and to review and refine their agency's approach to youth engagement and partnership.


If you have an idea for a workshop or are interested in collaborating with our team to bring a workshop to your program, organization or community, please contact us!