Using Spreadsheets in Program Evaluation

A free online certificate course about key concepts, tools and techniques required to manage, analyze and visualize quantitative data for a youth program evaluation.

We know that the Ontario youth sector is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of young people, providing them with the skills and resources they need to make positive contributions to their communities.

We understand that youth workers often have to wear multiple hats - they are responsible for running programs AND sharing the impacts of their programs to their stakeholders - including parents and caregivers, funders and youth themselves. We believe that working with quantitative data does not need to be time-consuming or labour-intensive. In this certificate, participants will learn the key concepts, tools and techniques required to manage and analyze quantitative data for a youth program to share numbers representing impact.

We recognize that youth sector workers are very busy and, because of this, we structured the course in a way that is flexible and easy for you to complete. Therefore, all course content is available to you at once, which will allow you the opportunity to work through the modules at your own pace.

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“I am excited to be be able to use data more confidently and skillfully, as well as be able to present data in reports in a professional and effective way.”

- Certificate Participant, 2019

Participants will learn and understand:

  • How to use quantitative data from your youth program in evaluation.
  • The possibilities and limitations of quantitative data for program evaluations.
  • How to manage quantitative data for your program evaluation.
  • How to analyze and interpret quantitative data to inform your work.
  • How to visualize your data to share findings with stakeholders.

Who is this certificate for?

Frontline Youth Workers

Management Staff

Anyone who has completed YouthREX’s Program Evaluation for Youth Wellbeing certificate

Successful completion of all four lessons entitles you to a Certificate of Completion from YouthREX, York University.

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