Working Together to Do Right for Black Youth


Working Together to Do Right for Black Youth

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This factsheet was developed by YouthREX.


The content for this factsheet was taken from the Doing Right Together for Black Youth: What We Learned from the Community Engagement Sessions for the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan report.

Between March and July 2017, Ontario’s Ministry of Children & Youth Services (MCYS) conducted 15 community engagement sessions to inform the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan. Over 1,500 community members participated in the engagement sessions. The MCYS shared anonymized data (without any identifying personal information) captured at these community engagement sessions, as well as written submissions, with YouthREX to analyze, interpret, and summarize.

This factsheet summarizes reflections from community members on the best ways to work together to ensure that the Black Youth Action Plan works for Black youth and builds the capacity of Black organizations.

Youth Research & Evaluation eXchange (YouthREX). (2018). Working Together to Do Right for Black Youth. Toronto, ON: Author.

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