Youth Measures Inventory

An inventory of youth-friendly and open access measures
to evaluate youth programs

Qualitative Tools

This section of the inventory provides qualitative tools such as various arts-based methods and sample interview guides that can be used to conduct interviews or focus groups.

Arts-Based Tools

Card Sort
How-To Guide
The Card Sort is a fun and interactive tool that helps youth self-report achievements that they could be expected to show from participation in your program. The tool requires a pack of statement cards, markers, and baskets. It is recommended that the tool be administered towards the end of the program as it is designed to measure program outcomes.

Graffiti Wall
How-To Guide
While quantitative tools are great for determining hard numbers, they often restrict the ability of youth participants to share their opinions in their own words. The Graffiti Wall is a great tool that uses written and visual feedback to help capture how young people feel about programming. 

Group Artwork developed by My Peer Toolkit
How-To Guide
This engaging evaluation tool will appeal to young people who would appreciate an opportunity to share their thoughts via visuals. Group artwork promotes teamwork and encourages participants to explore their creative abilities as a group. The resulting outputs can be used for promotional purposes and as a long term reminder of a shared positive experience.

Head, Heart, Feet
How-To Guide w/ Template
This fun, quick and simple tool asks youth to talk about what they have learned (head), how they feel about what they have learned (heart), and what they’ll do as a result of their participation in the program (feet).  One benefit of using the tools over a number of sessions is that as youth become more familiar with Head, Heart, Feet, their ability to engage and communicate their thoughts using the tool may improve over time.

How-To Guide
Photovoice is an incredibly powerful way for youth to share their perspective and voice using digital photography as a means of storytelling. It can be used to capture program experiences, promote youth voice, and highlight favourite aspects of youth programming.

Interview Guides

These interview guides include questions related to both process and outcome evaluations, and can be used with youth, program staff, volunteers, mentors or any other stakeholder involved in the program. Additionally, these documents can be used as a starting point for which you to select questions that best fit with your program evaluation and expand your interview from this bank. Such questions can be used to facilitate both focus groups and interview guides.