Shahaddah Jack – “It’s Time to Wake Up”


Shahaddah Jack – “It’s Time to Wake Up”

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This video was produced by YouthREX.


Shahaddah Jack shared the timely and stimulating piece, “It’s Time to Wake Up,” during an online Teach-In hosted by YouthREX on December 7, 2023.

Born and raised in Tkaronto with a diverse cultural background that grounds her in her poetry and life is Shahaddah Jack, the 19-year-old bilingual spoken word poet, performer, emcee, human rights activist, arts facilitator, and student of life. She uses the realities of her identity to create stories of art that connect with others and are used to teach one of her greatest beliefs in life, that your pain is your strength. Not only does she do this with her poetry, but conjointly with her activism and arts facilitation as well.

The Teach-In – Resisting Burnout and Vicarious Trauma: Collective Care and Solidarity – included a keynote presentation from consultant, facilitator, and community worker Vikki Reynolds. Together, we explored how we can foster solidarity and justice-doing as central to our collective care and resistance.


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