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Broadening the Approach to Youth Violence Prevention Through Public Health

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Broadening the Approach to Youth Violence Prevention Through Public Health

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Violence is a critical cause of death and nonfatal injuries among youth, and even those who witness violence can suffer serious health and mental health consequences. This highlights the need for prevention programs and policies aimed at reducing risks, promoting prosocial behavior, strengthening families, and creating communities in which youth are safe from violence. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Injury Center is developing a National Public Health Strategy to Prevent Youth Violence. The strategy will establish a full application of the public health approach, ranging from research to practice. It also spotlights what is working, as a way to mobilize community leaders in supporting evidence-based initiatives. With the empirical guidance of articles such as those in this special issue, a shared strategy to prevent youth violence will help focus efforts and resources on solutions that show the most promise, and ensure that American communities undertake more comprehensive and coordinated prevention efforts to protect our nation’s youth.

Hammond, R., & Arias, I. (2011). Broadening the approach to youth violence prevention through public health. Journal of Prevention & Intervention Community, 39(2), 167-75.

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