Tips to Engage Youth in Counselling

Tips to Engage Youth in Counselling

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This factsheet was developed by Eva’s Initiatives.


The Reconnect Toolkit has been developed for groups and communities across the country interested in exploring early intervention and prevention as methods of responding to homeless and ‘at risk’ youth. The Toolkit is based on Eva’s Family Reconnect Program and was created to inform program development and broad community responses. It can be used in part or in whole – to inform counselling approaches with individual youth, to shift a team’s focus towards prevention and work with families, or to develop a new early intervention and prevention program. It is intended to be adapted by groups and communities to suit their community needs, and those of the young people with whom they work.

This factsheet provides useful tips on how to engage youth and their family during counselling.

Eva’s Initiatives. (n.d.). Tips to Engage Youth in Counselling. Toronto, ON: Author.

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