Program Evaluation for Youth Wellbeing

A free 10-week online certificate course about the main concepts, approaches and practices relevant to conducting evaluation of youth sector programs and initiatives.

We know that the Ontario youth sector is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of young people, providing them with the skills and resources they need to make positive contributions to their communities.

We also understand that youth programs need the skills and tools to share the story of their programs with their stakeholders, including parents and caregivers, funders and youth themselves.

In this certificate, participants will learn the key concepts, tools and techniques required to manage and analyze quantitative data for a youth program to be able to illustrate and communicate their evaluation story.

We recognize that youth sector workers are very busy! This certificate is structured in a way that is flexible and easy for you to complete. All course content is available to you at once so that you can work through the modules at your own pace.

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Open Registration
November 13, 2019 

Registration Deadline
December 6, 2019

Notification of Application Decision
December 11, 2019

Welcome Webinar 
January 3, 2020 | 10am-11am

Certificate Start Date
January 10, 2020

Certificate End Date
March 20, 2020

Make-Up Week
March 21-26, 2020

I have learned SO MUCH about evaluation – every step of the way! I never thought I would be able to lead an evaluation of my program, but now I am confident that I could!

– Certificate Participant, 2017

Through involvement in this certificate, participants will:

  • Understand the current state of the Ontario youth sector related to youth wellbeing and program evaluation
  • Become familiar with common program evaluation concepts and ideas
  • Communicate appropriate uses of different types of evaluation approaches
  • Learn the processes and steps involved in program evaluation
  • Become familiar with the process of developing a logic model

and more!

  • Understand the importance of process, outcome and impact evaluations
  • Understand the process of engaging significant stakeholders in evaluation
  • Become familiar with qualitative and quantitative research methods, and basic analyses used in conducting evaluations
  • Develop strategies to use evaluation findings to improve programs and services
  • Connect program evaluation to your own professional development


Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from YouthREX, York University if they complete all four modules.

Those who complete individual modules and not the full certificate (all four modules) will receive a Certificate of Participation for the completed modules from YouthREX, York University.