Baby’s Breath Program: Summary of Evaluation Findings


Baby’s Breath Program: Summary of Evaluation Findings

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This report was published by YouthREX.


The Baby’s Breath Program provides free pregnancy and parenting support for teenagers 18 years old and under who live in the Greater Sudbury area. The Baby’s Breath program provides support to address challenges that pregnant and parenting teenagers, their partners, family and friends face. The program offers nutritional support as well as prenatal and parenting education on fetal/child growth and development. Baby’s Breath provides a safe space where young parents can socialize and share experiences. It also offers a meal program at the beginning of each program for teen parents and their babies. Partners and support persons are welcome and confidentiality is highly respected.

The Baby’s Breath Program worked with YouthREX to conduct a small-scale evaluation to determine the extent to which the program has achieved its short-term outcomes. The program’s goal was to create an evaluation that provided evidence of the impact their program is having on the lives of the youth they serve. This report summarizes the findings of the evaluation and presents key recommendations.

YouthREX. (2017). Baby’s Breath Program: Summary of Evaluation Findings.

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