Six Strategies to Strengthen Your Work with Youth


Six Strategies to Strengthen Your Work with Youth

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This webinar was hosted by YouthREX.


Do you work with a grassroots youth organization in Ontario? Are you striving to better meet the needs of youth in your community?

Youth organizations deliver critical, meaningful programs to improve youth wellbeing across Ontario. In this webinar, we explored six ways you can strengthen your work with youth (and how YouthREX can support you):

  1. Using Data
  2. Using Evidence
  3. Designing Programs with Intention
  4. Defining Program Outcomes
  5. Collecting and Analyzing Data
  6. Evaluating and Improving Your Work!

We discussed each strategy in conversation with frontline youth workers and shared practical examples of how each can benefit youth in your communities. This webinar featured YouthREX’s Stefanie Stuart, Youth Program Supports Manager, and Vivian Oystrick, Youth Program Design & Development Associate at YouthREX’s Northern Hub, as well as our special guests: Jessica Maisonneuve from Baby’s Breath at Sudbury Better Beginnings Better Futures; Jason Tan de Bibiana from Next Gen Men; and Faith Wilson from Pieces to Pathways with Breakaway Addiction Services.

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