Youth Radicalization: Policy and Education Response Conference


Youth Radicalization: Policy and Education Response Conference

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This report was published by Midaynta Community Services.


Midaynta Community Services, with the support of the Ontario Institute for Studies (OISE) in Education, the Ontario Government, and the U.S. Consulate in Toronto, and the Toronto Police Service, co-organized Youth Radicalization: Policy and Education Response Conference from February 12th to 13th, 2015. The conference had been thought of and prepared in the midst of the certain international and local events that have involved violently radicalized young people. We realized that the nature and scale of violent extremism today is broad and deep, requiring the joining of global and local efforts as well as the collaboration of stakeholders from multiple sectors and disciplines. As a result, we brought together a variety of local and international dignitaries, academics, law enforcement, policymakers, community leaders, faith leaders, as well youth and women’s groups to examine the causes and propose solutions to the problem of young people who have become radicalized, with many going abroad to fight for extremist groups, while some others have committed acts of violence within Canada.

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