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The Skill-Up Samplers are designed to be more accessible to youth workers who may not have the time to engage in a full certificate. Like all of our online certificates, Skill-Up Samplers are completely FREE and can be accessed on computers, phones and other mobile devices. 

Each Sampler uses narrated PowerPoint slide deck lectures, interactive activities and other multimedia resources to share and teach concepts, ideas and skills that are relevant to critical youth work and evaluation practice.

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These samplers will be available from July 5 to August 31, 2021.

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Critical Youth Work: Bridging Theory and Practice

The Critical Youth Work certificate is a professional development opportunity for youth workers to critically analyze key issues and explore creative and viable transformative practices to support youth wellbeing.

Trauma-Informed Youth Work
Learn how trauma affects young people, and how youth workers can use a trauma-informed approach when working with them. 

The Stages of Change Framework
Learn about the background and theory behind the Stages of Change Framework, and how it can be used to support youth with behavior change. 

Anti-Oppressive Practice
This sampler explores systemic oppression and the concept of intersectionality through lectures on anti-Black racism, Indigenous perspectives, Islamophobia and youth, and supporting LGBTQ+ youth. 

Cannabis and Youth
The Cannabis and Youth Certificate  provides youth workers with evidence-based information on the health, social and legal risks associated with cannabis use.
The certificate also explores the knowledge and the tools needed to support informed decision-making, and to educate and increase awareness among young people.

Cannabis in Context
This sampler provides an overview of cannabis - learn why youth use cannabis and some of the ways it can affect their physical and mental health.

Legalization and Youth
Learn how to support youth navigating the complex provincial and federal regulations on cannabis possession, consumption and sale.

Program Evaluation
Our Program Evaluation certificates address the main concepts, approaches and practices relevant to conducting an evaluation of youth sector programs and initiatives. Our Advanced certificate explores data management and visualization. 

Logic Modelling for Intentional Program Design
Explore how Logic Models can be used to support program design, planning, and evaluation of youth programs. 

How to Tell a Story with Data Visualization
Learn how to visualize your data so your stakeholders can easily understand it and retain the information, using principles of accessibility, simplicity and emphasis. 

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