five14 Talks: Change – Panel Discussion


five14 Talks: Change – Panel Discussion

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This video was produced by the Children’s Aid Foundation.


In response to requests from young people in care to have a greater voice in shaping public perceptions, the Children’s Aid Foundation created five14 Talks on Children and Youth in Care Day (May 14, 2015) to give young people in the child welfare system a voice and to inspire change. five14 Talks is a forum much like TED Talks, where Canada and the world’s leading thinkers in Child Welfare are invited to give a talk in 14 minutes.

The Young People’s Advisory Council was founded with one visionary goal: to involve the young people that the Children’s Aid Foundation serves directly in the work we do. Joe Canavan (former CEO) established the Young Person’s Advisory Council to allow members to shape the priorities and positioning of the Foundation by sharing their knowledge, expertise, experiences, and needs, and by acting as ambassadors for our organization in the wider community. Their panel discussion at five14 Talks is on the subject of change and was moderated by Seamus O’Regan.

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