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Annotated Bibliography: Early School Leaving Prevention


Annotated Bibliography: Early School Leaving Prevention

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This annotated bibliography was developed by Pathways to Education.


Early school leaving refers to leaving high school before satisfying all graduation requirements, i.e. “dropping out”. This annotated bibliography presents several seminal publications on early school leaving, including studies that focus on prevention and youth re-engagement.

The aim of this annotated bibliography is not to offer an exhaustive and comprehensive collection of all relevant studies. Instead, we present a modest introduction, designed for those seeking an overview of this complex topic, a refresher, or a resource upon which to build more detailed and nuanced knowledge.

This resource was developed for professionals who support the academic success and positive development of young people living in contexts of risk and disadvantage. This includes professionals who work directly with youth, such as mentors, educators, child and youth workers, social workers, and front-line staff in school-based and out-of-school youth programs. This resource will also be of interest to those who work indirectly with or for youth: youth mentoring program managers, school administrators, or youth researchers.

This bibliography emerged from our own internal research on early school leaving, conducted in the context of program measurement, improvement, and impact assessment efforts. It has helped Pathways to Education Canada better understand this complex field and translate our knowledge into effective programming for youth furthest from opportunities. We share it here in the hopes that it will have similar impact in other youth-serving programs.

Pathways to Education. (2017). Annotated Bibliography: Early School Leaving Prevention. Toronto, ON: Author.

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