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Elucidating the Treatment Needs of Gang-Affiliated Youth Offenders

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Elucidating the Treatment Needs of Gang-Affiliated Youth Offenders

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Gang affiliation is strongly associated with youth crime. Although gang prevention, intervention and suppression programmes have been used to reduce affiliation and manage youth gang-related activities, the effectiveness of these approaches is questionable. Further, comprehensive programmes supporting disengagement from gangs that also address the actual criminal behaviours of gang-affiliated youth are rare. Arguably, these are necessary if the goal of intervention is to reduce criminal behaviour and support disengagement from gangs. This paper aims to address these issues. 

Meng Chu, C., Daffern, M., Thomas, S. D., & Ying Lim, J. (2011). Elucidating the treatment needs of gang-affiliated youth offenders. Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research, 3(3), 129-140.

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