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Storytelling Narratives: Social Bonding as Key for Youth at Risk

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Storytelling Narratives: Social Bonding as Key for Youth at Risk

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This research used a structured storytelling narrative methodology to capture the lived experience of youth participants to identify effective factors that helped them in three programs in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, California. Thirty-nine youth aged 8-17 participated in two storytelling protocols at their home sites; one was a written narrative of a vivid experience in the project, and the second was a group story about a character who had been a participant. Categorical content analysis reported the following themes: positive peer experiences, caring adults, family atmosphere and learning new skills particularly computer literacy. Participants reported changing from being isolated or acting out to succeeding in school.

Nelson, A., McClintock, C., Perez-Ferguson, A., Shawver, M., & Thompson, G. (2008). Storytelling narratives: social bonding as key for youth at risk. Child & Youth Care Forum, 37(3), 127-137.

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