Building Skills for Working with Black Youth

DIVERT Mental Health

Join DIVERT Mental Health for a professional development workshop hosted by Dr. Kofi-Len Belfon, CPsych. This workshop looks to get mental health practitioners to dig deeper and self-reflect about their practices. The goal is to help mental health trainees and practitioners examine and potentially modify their content and approach in a way that is more inclusive to Black youth and families.

To participate, click on the Learn More link to register as an Associate Fellow for DIVERT. It’s free and only takes a few minutes. After registering, you will receive a calendar invitation for the event within one business day. As a registered member, we will be keeping track of your attendance so that you can receive a record of attendance for these sessions. Each session will be live captioned in French.

DIVERT Mental Health, a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Training Platform, is dedicated to disrupting mental health research and practice with children, youth, and families through integrating inclusivity and accessibility within university training programs and within communities of practice outside academia. Harnessing technology to increase the reach of the mental health system requires breaking down silos between disciplines, between universities, and between sectors. We are grateful for the multi million-dollar investment from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and to IBM Canada for their multi million-dollar investment in digital infrastructure. Both have empowered us to invite learners from every university and mental health organization in Canada. Our Associate Fellows stream is open to anyone and everyone interested in joining the DIVERT Mental Health training community as a learner, a mentor, or a teacher. Once registered, Associate Fellows get free access to DIVERT’s monthly virtual educational activities (one session and one professional development workshop a month), an invite to annual in-person regional meetings, and limited access to mentorship affinity groups with leaders in the field. We also partner with industry and mental health organizations – take a look at our Partnerships page here!


February 24, 2023 12:00 pm


February 24, 2023 1:00 pm

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