Identify ‘N Impact Grant Program

City of Toronto

The City of Toronto’s Identify ‘N Impact Grant Program provides funding supports for youth-led initiatives in Toronto.

The purpose of the Identify ‘N Impact Grant Program is to:

  • Help promote youth engagement and community safety in the City of Toronto
  • Support youth to turn ideas into action
  • Support emerging (new, small, grassroots) youth-led groups
  • Motivate and encourage Most Vulnerable People (MVP) youth* to become involved in their communities

*MVP youth definition: The Toronto Youth Equity Strategy recognizes that there are various and intersecting factors that affect youth’s resilience and vulnerability to involvement in serious violence and crime. The term MVP youth (Most Vulnerable People) is used to describe youth who face multiple and/or intersecting vulnerabilities identified in the Ontario Ministry of Children & Youth Services’ Roots of Youth Violence report. These roots include poverty, racism, community design, issues in the education system, family issues, health/mental health, lack of economic opportunity, and issues in the justice system. Through the City’s work on gender-based youth violence, ability, homophobia, transphobia, and community violence exposure, these have also been added as roots of youth vulnerability.

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