State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey!

Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN)

Your data is powerful and can help shape our sector’s future!

Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) has launched their annual state of the sector survey: 2024 realities for Ontario’s nonprofit sector.

Without data from ALL nonprofits, including charities, grassroots groups, volunteer-run organizations, nonprofit social enterprises, and nonprofit co-operatives in Ontario with a mission to serve a public benefit, ONN cannot paint an accurate picture of our shared struggles and opportunities for progress. No matter where you are in this province, or who you serve, we urge you to fill out ONN’s 2024 survey.

Additional Details:

  • Survey is available in French.
  • Completion will take approximately 15 minutes.
  • Survey closes on July 10 by 5pm EST.
  • Bonus! Enter to win one of four gift cards, valued at $50 each.
  • Access a PDF (English and French) to preview the questions.

Click on the Learn More link to access the survey!

Ontario Learn More
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