Two-Spirit, Trans and Non-Binary Youth Advisory Table

City of Toronto

The City of Toronto is partnering with Blueprint, a non-profit research organization, to gather community input on a draft Service Plan for Two-Spirit, Trans and Non-Binary (2STNB) youth. The plan will aim to improve health and social outcomes for these communities by reducing barriers to City programs and services.

As part of community engagement, we’ll be convening an Advisory Table of people involved in service provision and/or frontline work with 2STNB youth in Toronto and fielding a 2STNB youth consultation survey.

The Advisory Table will:

  • Provide strategic advice on the process of developing the Service Plan, including guidance on how to best engage 2STNB youth
  • Provide input and feedback on draft Service Plan recommendations
  • Inform how the Service Plan can support and align with work already occurring in community

How to Apply

You are eligible to apply to be an Advisory Table member if:

  • You provide social services or direct supports to 2STNB youth in Toronto, or are engaged in frontline work around issues that directly affect 2STNB youth in Toronto (including those in informal, volunteer, or unpaid positions); AND
  • You are Two-Spirit, trans, and/or non-binary.

Recognizing the diversity of 2STNB youth in Toronto, we will be prioritizing applications from those who are:

  • Youth (ages 18-29)
  • Black and/or Indigenous

Similarly, other criteria that will be taken into consideration when selecting Table members include:

  • The specific populations that you work with and the types of services/supports you provide
  • The area(s) of the city or neighborhood(s) that you work in

Members who participate in Advisory Table meetings outside of full-time, paid employment will receive an honorarium of $75 per meeting as a thank you for their time and important feedback.

The deadline to apply is August 18, 2023. The selection will be made by August 25, 2023.

If you have questions about the Service Plan or the role of the Advisory Table, please contact Emily at EColpitts@blueprint-ade.ca.

Click the Learn More link to apply.


August 18, 2023 11:59 pm

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