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The Youth Action Fund (YAF), as informed by our Strategic Plan, offers grants to grassroots initiatives working with youth who are underserved by the education system and overrepresented in the justice and child welfare systems. The development of this fund was guided by a series of consultations with experts and advocates in the field.

More specifically, the Youth Action Fund grants are for grassroot initiatives to develop and lead projects where they:

  • Elevate priorities and voices of youth with lived experiences in the identified systems
  • Promote equitable and accountable institutions and systems
  • Advocate for evidence-based policy
  • Support initiatives working on, or, advocating for early intervention
  • Support initiatives that are informed by youth, families, and communities

Initiatives must be:

  • Led and informed by young people supporting youth leadership (30 inclusive and under)
  • Ontario-based
  • Group should be a Charity, Nonprofit, or a Grassroots Group (For-profit entities are not eligible for funding)
  • Based within the communities they are serving and/or with a proven history of working with the communities they identify
  • Distant programming with First Nations must be welcomed by invitation and/or in partnership with the youth and supported by their community-based allies

Grant Amount: The Youth Action Fund provides operating and project grants to organizations and initiatives working in Ontario. Groups can request up to $100,000 per year for up to three years.

Click on the Learn More link to apply, or read more about this opportunity online.

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