Power in the Pandemic: “Imagine Something Out of the Box”


Power in the Pandemic: “Imagine Something Out of the Box”

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This podcast was produced by Oxfam’s Power Shifts.


How are young people responding to the coronavirus crisis? What’s it like to manage a soap factory during the pandemic? How are young people using the internet to build bridges between generations during lockdowns? How does this virus exacerbate the ongoing economic crisis and rates of youth unemployment?

Young people’s voices are often the last to be heard during a crisis. Young people are rarely deemed the experts and they don’t usually hold positions of power in their communities. In this episode of the Power in the Pandemic podcast, we flip the spotlight. We’ll hear the experiences of young people during the coronavirus pandemic and learn how they are harnessing their power to take localized action in their communities in a way that big organizations and governments can’t. We’ll hear from young people running a blood bank in Pakistan, a Community Conversation Facilitator tackling fake news in Ethiopia, and young people volunteering in Bangladesh, Canada, Quebec, and Italy.

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Faciolince, M. (Host). (2020, July 7). “Imagine Something Out of the Box” [Audio podcast episode]. In Power in the Pandemic. Oxfam. https://powerinthepandemic.buzzsprout.com/833005/4459484-imagine-something-out-of-the-box-how-are-young-people-responding-to-the-pandemic

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