A Collective Approach to Eliminate Youth Violence

A Collective Approach to Eliminate Youth Violence

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This report was published by Assets Coming Together For Youth and For Youth Initiative.


This report advocates for a collective approach between government, private sector, community/social service agencies and city/faith leaders to effectively address the root causes of youth violence. There are some groups of young people who experience violence more frequently than others; youth coming from socially isolated and financially deprived families are most often impacted by violence. It is also important to note that those who have the highest risk factors of engaging in violent crime are identified as racially marginalized male youth living in low-incomes communities.

This report argues that youth violence is best addressed through a collective action approach, towards achieving these four outcomes: improved employment/economic opportunities, increased educational attainment, a healthy family well-being, and social inclusion. An action plan of how the public, private, and nonprofit sectors of our city can collectively bring their skills to the table to reduce violence perpetrated by and against young people is also presented in this report.

Tewelde, Y., & Olawoye, L. (2013). From analysis to action: a collective approach to eliminate youth violence. The Assets Coming Together for Youth Project and For Youth Initiative.

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