Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Ottawa: Forum Summary Report


Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Ottawa: Forum Summary Report

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This report was published by the Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership and City for All Women Initiative.


Through eleven small group discussions, each led by experts from Ottawa’s Black communities, participants identified many shared concerns that have persisted over time. They put forward recommendations for addressing anti-Black racism in education, employment, social services (focusing on mental health and genderbased violence), policing (including courts and prisons), community and civic engagement, Islamophobia, and media representation. Remarkably, we found that two major concerns were put forward by all of the small group discussions. These two concerns, identified in the report as overarching, are:

  1. Recognition of Anti-Black racism and institutional accountability for addressing it; and
  2.  Effective civic engagement of Ottawa’s diverse Black community members.

Daigle, C.M. (2017). Addressing anti-black racism in Ottawa: Forum Summary Report. Ottawa, ON: Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership; City for All Women Initiative. Retrieved from

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