Applied or Academic: High Impact Decisions for Ontario Students


Applied or Academic: High Impact Decisions for Ontario Students

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This report was published by People For Education.


Grade 8 is a critical year for Ontario’s students. It is not only a pivotal point in a young person’s emotional, social, and physical development, but also a time when students must choose between taking applied and academic courses in high school. These course selections largely determine students’ educational pathways throughout high school and have the potential to influence their post-secondary options and career opportunities. This report examines the gap between Ontario’s stated policy regarding students’ choices in high school and the reality on the ground. It looks at whether grade 8 students should be required to make decisions that have such important short and long term consequences in light of international evidence suggesting that it contributes to lower outcomes.

Hamlin, D. and Cameron, D. (2015). Applied or academic: high impact decisions for Ontario students. Toronto, ON. People for Education.

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