‘Being There’: Young People Supporting Their Friends Through Tough Times


‘Being There’: Young People Supporting Their Friends Through Tough Times

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This report was published by the Young and Resilient Research Centre at Western Sydney University, batyr, and Erin Dolan and Associates.


Young people’s lives are characterised by uncertainty and inequalities. In these contexts they experience tough times, which includes mental ill-health. Research shows us that young people often go to their friends when struggling or going through tough times.

There is emerging research examining informal support amongst friends, however, more needs to be done to understand the experiences of young people undertaking this support role. This is the focus of this report.

This research undertook a national survey with 169 young people who support friends from across Australia, as well as five focus groups with 34 young people aged 16 – 25 from Melbourne and Sydney who support friends. We sought to better understand the experiences of friends who support friends through tough times.

Hanckel, B., Riley, T., Vasiliou, S., Mamalipurath, J. M., Dolan, E., & Henry A. (2022) ‘Being There’: Young people supporting each other through tough times. Western Sydney University.

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