Cross-Over Youth Project: Thunder Bay Pilot Site


Cross-Over Youth Project: Thunder Bay Pilot Site

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This report was published by the Cross-Over Youth Project.


The Cross-Over Youth Project (COY) was designed as a four-year pilot project that set out to implement and evaluate a range of best practice options that were aimed at improving outcomes of young people who were dually involved in the child welfare and youth justice systems in Ontario. The goals of COY were therefore to keep youth out of the criminal justice system and if a youth in care is involved with the police or courts, to facilitate getting them out of the youth justice system, including detention, as soon as possible. The aim was to set them on a path where they would avoid graduating into the adult criminal justice system. The third goal was to facilitate the provision of children’s services as opposed to a reliance on the justice system to access resources.

Finlay, J., Scully, B., Bode, M., Brochu, C., Zehr, K., Brotchie, K., Eaton-Kent, M., Farrell, T-R., & Dicks, P. (2019). Cross-Over Youth Project: Thunder Bay Pilot Site. Toronto, ON: Cross-Over Youth Project. Retrieved from

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