Developmental Evaluation Report: A Trek Through the YouthScape Landscape


Developmental Evaluation Report: A Trek Through the YouthScape Landscape

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This report was published by YouthScape.


This report is based on an extensive Developmental Evaluation of YS (YouthScape – a Comprehensive Community Initiative) conducted by a team of five site-based evaluators and myself, Marc Langlois, the Lead Developmental Evaluator (DE). This group of six (with changing membership) learned and worked together in an effort to create a distinct application of Developmental Evaluation for each YS site. As Lead DE, my attention has been focused on the overall energy and flow of the project. I have paid attention to things like national decision-making processes, group work, and structural implications. The DE team, by virtue of where team members directed their attention and what and how they shared their observations also played an intervening role in helping the project meets its objectives.

Standard evaluations go to great lengths to claim objectivity distancing the evaluator from the program. Development Evaluation on the other hand is a more inclusive approach with its first-hand incorporation of input and feedback from the program leaders and when appropriate, program participants. If done well the evaluator is considered part of the team learning alongside those directing and participating in the program. This unique positioning encourages the integration of the various components of good program development – planning, action and reflection. As a team member, the priority of the evaluator is to be a highly engaged and sensitive listener.

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