Escalator Jobs for Youth Facing Barriers


Escalator Jobs for Youth Facing Barriers

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This report was published by Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance.


We know that youth unemployment is high, about twice the overall unemployment rate. Young people in Ontario (and more specifically the GTHA) are particularly hard hit. In 2013, the unemployment rate for Ontario youth from ages 15-24 was upwards of 17%. In 2014, it’s estimated to be even higher. Up to 83,000 GTHA youth aged 15-24 are Not in Education, Employment or Training – a category called NEET. That’s about 10% of the youth in the region. According to the Province of Ontario’s Stepping Stones: A Resource on Youth Development, adolescents (aged 13-19) are primed for exciting opportunities. These youth are at a developmental stage when positive experiences, like a supportive first-job opportunity, can help them navigate their life transitions and challenges.

Within this group of youth facing barriers to employment are those who, with some support, are ready for work. CivicAction spent several months working with employers, youth, community agencies, labour, and governments, harnessing their wisdom, and charting a path forward – a regional action plan that will address unemployment among youth who face barriers. This work has led to a set of proposed cost-effective and results-oriented solutions. These actions will link youth facing barriers to employment with more job opportunities and support to enter the labour market.

Escalator, jobs for youth facing barriers: Companies & youth moving up in the world. (2014). Toronto, Ontario: Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance.

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