Homophobic Bullying: How Well do we Understand the Problem


Homophobic Bullying: How Well do we Understand the Problem

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This report was published by the Educational Action Challenging Homophobia.


Growing recognition of homophobic bullying amongst researchers, policymakers, youth workers, teachers and other stakeholders has resulted in an increasing number of research studies and anti-bullying measures in this area. This has led to great advances in interventions addressing the issue. However homophobic abuse remains a reality for too many young people.

By undertaking a comprehensive review of recent academic, third sector and government literature, this report unpicks a number of ‘taken for granted’ assumptions around homophobic bullying and seeks to develop a wider understanding of the nature and extent of homophobic bullying, the groups and individuals affected, the impact on those involved and measures available to tackle the problem.


Aiden, H., Marston, K., & Perry, T. (2013). Homophobic bullying: How well do we understand the problem. Bristol: EACH.

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