Jobs of the Future: Options and Opportunities


Jobs of the Future: Options and Opportunities

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This report was published by Rick Milner.


We are about to encounter a crisis that will challenge our economic well-being and shake the foundations of our institutions and social structures. We cannot escape the changes that lie just in front of us, despite how much our current economic woes may distract us from this reality. We cannot escape, but we can prepare. The effectiveness of our response or plan depends upon the creativity and determination we are prepared to apply to meeting this challenge.

Two years ago the ‘œPeople without Jobs Jobs without People’ Report (Miner, 2010a) drew attention to the crisis arising from the intersection of two transformational changes: an aging population and an emerging knowledge economy. This Report updates those findings and then suggests ways that we can better prepare for the Jobs of the Future.

Milner, R. (2012). Jobs of the future: Options and opportunities. Retrieved from

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