Pieces to Pathways: Report to the Toronto Central LHIN


Pieces to Pathways: Report to the Toronto Central LHIN

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This report was published by Pieces to Pathways.


The project was funded by the Toronto Central LHIN, and was conducted between December 22nd 2014 and March 31st 2015. The six (6) project staff represented the population i.e. LGBTTQQ2SIA transitional age youth in recovery from substance use (apart from the consultant, who is a family member).

The literature review, which utilized 103 references, primarily from sources in Canada, the U.S. and Australia, documents the prevalence of substance use in the population.

Information was collated, and utilized by the project staff in the design of the proposed program, which will provide non-judgmental, empowering, safe, community building and anti-oppressive substance use services to the target population. It will provide a combination of individual support and group modules, focusing on a variety of different topics. All staff will be members of the target population.

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