Promoting Youth Mental Health Through the Transition from High School


Promoting Youth Mental Health Through the Transition from High School

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This report was published by Social Research And Demonstration Corporation.


Youth mental health is rapidly emerging as a public policy priority in Canada, as policymakers, service providers, and the public recognize the importance of promotion and early intervention to prevent mental health problems over the life course. While some colleges and universities are developing policy and programmatic responses to student mental health issues, there is little data about the mental health needs of those who take different pathways to post-secondary education (PSE), such as apprenticeships or trade school, or those who go directly into the workforce.

Helping senior high school students plan for their mental health needs before they graduate may be a more effective way of helping all of them cope with the transition to life after high school, regardless of their intended destinations. This report describes related concepts and the academic literature on student mental health promotion, identifies relevant programs, and outlines what we consider to be important components of an intervention to support students through this transition.

Fowler, H., Lebel, M. (2013). Promoting youth mental health through the transition from high school. Ottawa, ON: Social Research and Demonstration Corporation.

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