Rebalancing The Opportunity Equation


Rebalancing The Opportunity Equation

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This report was published by the United Way Greater Toronto.


This report looks at income trends between 1980 – 2015, as well as the income gap between young people, immigrants, racialized groups, and the rest of the population in Peel, Toronto, and York regions. The findings paint a stark picture of who has access to the opportunities to succeed, and who is being left behind because of circumstances they can’t control. The report findings include:

  • Young adults in the GTA are more disadvantaged today than ever before.
  • In the GTA, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in Canada, the fact that you weren’t born here means that you are earning less.
  • The racial divide in the GTA has reached a historic high.

The report outlines several recommendations that all sectors can act on to ensure everyone can participate in society, enable people to get ahead and make life more affordable.

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