Youth Summer Jobs Program: Aligning Ends and Means


Youth Summer Jobs Program: Aligning Ends and Means

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This report was published by the Brookings Institution.


This paper is written to help clarify what is known about summer jobs programs and to provide information and guidance to city leaders, policymakers, and funders as they consider supporting larger and better summer efforts. Many jurisdictions are rebuilding their summer programs after a long hiatus that followed the end of dedicated federal funding in the late 1990s. Summer jobs programs are complex endeavors to design and deliver. Local leaders and administrators make a multitude of choices about program design, implementation, and funding, and these choices have a direct impact on quality and results. It is an opportune moment to assess the knowledge base and gaps about the operations and impacts of summer jobs programs.

Ross, M., & Kazis, R. (2016). Youth Summer Jobs Program: Aligning Ends and Means. Retrieved from

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