Adapting Evaluation in the Time of COVID-19


Adapting Evaluation in the Time of COVID-19

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This toolkit was developed by BetterEvaluation.


Organizations around the world are quickly having to adapt their program and project activities to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, and evaluation needs to match this. Much evaluation work, and the interventions they evaluate, have to change in response to changing needs, priorities, constraints, and opportunities.

This involves adaptation in terms of how activities are done, and in many cases adaptation to undertake different types of activities. There are in many cases also fundamental changes in terms of planning, implementation, and evaluation, from linear processes of using knowledge to plan and check compliance to more adaptive management processes of acting under conditions of ongoing uncertainty and imperfect information. Evaluation approaches that have been designed for these conditions, such as real-time evaluation and developmental evaluation, now have wider relevance.

We believe evaluation is critical to supporting effective adaption, and that effective evaluation at this time will need to be adaptive. This means rethinking how to approach all of the tasks in an evaluation. This series is designed to help you reflect on issues and options to do with evaluation, and to bring together useful knowledge at this unprecedented time.

These tools and resources are structured around the clusters of tasks in the BetterEvaluation Rainbow Framework and are only available online:

Click here to access Part 1: Manage.

Click here to access Part 2: Define.

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