Healing & Decolonizing: Bridging Our Communities Toolkit


Healing & Decolonizing: Bridging Our Communities Toolkit

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This toolkit was published by the Legacy of Hope Foundation.


In 2009, the Legacy of Hope Foundation undertook the Bridging Our Communities Research Project. The fieldwork and gathering of data about promising healing practices and community-based initiatives took place in 2009. The analysis and assembly of the toolkit took place in 2010. The effort has been to profile outstanding examples of crisis intervention, healing, and decolonization, and to develop an extensive set of practical, promising healing practices that can be implemented by Resolution Health Support Workers (RHSW), other frontline service providers, and First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities who are working to support Survivors and their families.

This toolkit presents 41 promising healing practices in a manner that makes them accessible and useful. The toolkit offers a straightforward method to identify potentially useful – or promising – practices for promoting healing and decolonization. A comprehensive directory of existing resources and programs that promote healing and decolonization, and address the legacy of the Indian Residential Schools, is also included in this resource.

Legacy of Hope Foundation. (2011). Healing & Decolonizing: Bridging Our Communities Toolkit. Ottawa, ON: Author.

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