A Sexual Violence Toolkit for the Child Welfare Sector in Ontario


A Sexual Violence Toolkit for the Child Welfare Sector in Ontario

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This toolkit was developed by Leap21.


Leap21 was created to support a 21st century growing awareness of sexual violence. The intended audience is anyone involved with the child welfare sector in Ontario:

  • young people in and leaving care in Ontario
  • foster parents and anyone who cares for and about youth in care
  • child protection workers

The toolkit is designed to encourage reflection, learning, and dialogue. The information and resources are provided to help strengthen support for young people and to encourage visitors to take action in creating a society that values, respects, supports, and includes everyone.

The toolkit focuses on sexual assault and sexual harassment of young people in and leaving care. It does not address sexual abuse of children or the unique needs of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Additional tools may be needed in situations with younger or developmentally challenged children and youth.

Be prepared that some of the topics may be challenging for those who were raised in the 20th century. The language is direct and explicit on several pages. The content has been purposely chosen to reflect what is happening in society. Speaking openly and directly about sex and sexuality is part of youth culture. Figuring out how to connect with this generation requires a willingness to listen without judging.

Funding for Leap21 was generously provided by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services as part of Ontario’s Sexual Violence & Harassment Action Plan. See also: It’s Never Okay: An Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment.

Learn more and access the complete interactive toolkit.

Leap21. (2018). A Sexual Violence Toolkit for the Child Welfare Sector in Ontario. London, ON: Anova. Retrieved from

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