Navigating the Education System


Navigating the Education System

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This toolkit was developed by Parents of Black Children.


For decades, Black advocates and families have fought for a more inclusive and equitable education system for Black children. The system of education was founded on colonial principles that did not include Black people; in fact, the education system was created to educate Black families toward an understanding of their own inferiority. We see this in curriculums that do not reflect the lived experiences and wealth of contributions of Black Canadians nor do they adequately represent the diversity of the Black experience in Canada.

The system is not neutral, these systems were designed as part of a colonial framework which must be dismantled.

This document serves as a way to empower parents with knowledge about the education system. It is designed for all parents of Black children. It is a navigation tool that you can keep and use with you every step of the way to support your child(ren)’s education.

Rutherford, C., & Daniel, K. (2021). Navigating the Education System. Parents of Black Children.

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