Summer Learning Toolkit


Summer Learning Toolkit

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This toolkit was published by The Wallace Foundation.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Summer Learning Toolkit features more than 50 practical, adaptable tools and sample planning resources used by practitioners from five urban districts and their partners, who formed the National Summer Learning Project (NSLP), as well as new resources created by field experts. The Toolkit is aligned with recommendations from the RAND Corporation, the NSLP’s research partner, in Getting to Work on Summer Learning.

Organized into five planning areas, the Toolkit includes both comprehensive planning and management tools, including the Summer Planning Calendar and Budget Tool, and more specialized resources, such as tip sheets on promoting participation and planning professional development.

The planning areas are:

  • Planning & Management
  • Academics & Enrichment
  • Staffing & Professional Development
  • Site Climate
  • Student Recruitment & Attendance

Within each area, you’ll find four types of items available to browse and download:

  • Tool: Adaptable, downloadable resources that help to drive a specific process, such as program observations or end of program reflections for continuous improvement
  • Sample: Documents used by NSLP districts and their partners that can be used to inform planning and management, including staff handbooks, position descriptions, and enrollment forms
  • Tip Sheet: A brief synthesis written by field experts on how to use materials on each topic, including research-based findings and recommendations
  • Guidance: Each tool, sample, and tip sheet is accompanied by guidance that explains what it is, why it’s important (with connections to research), who can benefit from it, and tips for effective use. Two tools include more comprehensive guidance in the form of Companion and Facilitation Guides with tips to navigate and customize your program and sustainability planning processes.

Click here to access the complete Summer Learning Toolkit.

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