Supporting LGBTQI2S+ Youth Throughout The Job Search Process


Supporting LGBTQI2S+ Youth Throughout The Job Search Process

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This toolkit was developed by the Toronto Youth Equity Strategy and Friends of Ruby.


As a frontline worker you are acutely aware of the challenges youth face when searching for jobs – the fear of being judged, anxiety, frustration, and exhaustion. In this toolkit, we will discuss in more depth the experiences of LGBTQI2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, inter-sex, Two-spirit) youth and provide tools and resources to better prepare you to support them. This toolkit was created by Friends of Ruby (FoR) in partnership with the City of Toronto through the Toronto Youth Equity Strategy (TYES).

The Toronto Youth Equity Strategy (TYES) aims to build resiliency and access to supportive systems for youth most vulnerable to involvement in serious violence and crime (MVP youth). TYES includes 28 recommendations and 110 actions the City of Toronto will take to provide better services and outcomes for vulnerable youth. TYES was adopted unanimously by City Council in February 2014.

Friends of Ruby is a registered charity dedicated to the progressive well-being of LGBTQI2S youth (aged 16-29) through mental health services, social services, and housing. Its services and programs are run by individuals who identify as part of the LGBTQI2S community, are informed by LGBTQI2S youth, and grounded in evidence and research.

Toronto Youth Equity Strategy & Friends of Ruby. (2021). Supporting LGBTQI2S+ Youth Throughout the Job Search Process.

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