The Autism Parent Resource Kit


The Autism Parent Resource Kit

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This toolkit was published by the Ministry of Children & Youth Services.


The goals for this Parent Resource Kit are:

  1. To increase the understanding of parents and caregivers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and introduce the range of programs and supports available across Ontario.
  2. To increase the capacities of parents and families to support their child’s development by helping them plan for and access needed programs and supports by directing them to useful and credible resources, information, and supports across the province.
  3. To provide the above assistance through a parent-centered perspective and help parents know they are not alone, through the voices of other parents, autism service providers, educators, health care providers, researchers, and other professionals.

No kit will ever be a completely exhaustive resource, and the autism sector in Ontario and around the world has already developed many excellent tools and resources that can be of immediate use to parents of children with ASD. By compiling and directing parents to many of those resources, this Parent Resource Kit will fill a need in the sector that has not yet been met to date. At the same time, this kit is not meant to be the last word on any of the issues or challenges parents may encounter. It is a beginning, not an end.

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