Youth-Adult Partnerships in Evaluation


Youth-Adult Partnerships in Evaluation

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This toolkit was developed by the ACT for Youth Center of Excellence.


The Youth-Adult Partnership in Evaluation (Y-AP/E) Resource Guide notes that involving youth in evaluation is a relatively new phenomenon. The rationale for involving youth in evaluation is rooted in democratic principles. Morevoer, there are positive outcomes associated with youth involvement in evaluation for individual youth, adults, the organizations that they work in and the communities where they live. Similar outcomes are produced through youth-adult partnerships generally. Models for involving youth in evaluation range from youth-led to youth-adult partnerships. In all cases, adults need to be productive in their support for youth involvement.

The guide reviews the most recent academic literature which it summarizes and uses to identify key tips for supporting successful Y-AP in Evaluation. Tip sheets include:

  • Understand the Fundamentals of Evaluation Research
  • Prepare for the Most Significant Challenges of Y-AP/E
  • Make a Case for the Significance of Y-AP/E
  • Create an Organizational Culture for Y-AP/E to Flourish
  • Maximize the Relevance and Utilization of Evaluation

The resource also includes practical and engaging data analysis strategies, recommended readings for field practitioners and an annotated literature review. The Y-AP/E is a great resource for supporting youth inclusion in evaluation.

Zeldin, S., Bestul, L. & Powers, J. (2012). Youth-Adult Partnerships In Evaluation (Y-AP/E): A Resource Translating Research Intro Practice. Ithica, NY: ACT for Youth Center of Excellence, Cornell University. Retrieved from:

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