Allyship ft. Kearie Daniel & Likwa Nkala


Allyship ft. Kearie Daniel & Likwa Nkala

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This video was produced by YouthREX.


This video exploring Allyship features Kearie Daniel, a Co-Founder of Parents of Black Children, and Likwa Nkala, a General Manager at Toronto Community Housing and the former manager of the Provincial Youth Outreach Worker program.

How might non-Black allies/accomplices/advocates centre the voices and experiences of Black youth, familiesand communities?

Allyship is one of the four themes featured in YouthREX’s Call-In-Cards for Anti-Black Racism Action.

The Call-In-Cards centre critical self-reflexivity as the source and impetus to connect understandings of anti-Black racism to anti-Black racism action – at the individual, program, and community levels. The Call-In-Cards are four decks of 16 cards across four themes. Each of the 16 cards features a scenario on one side and four prompts on the other to guide critical self-reflexivity and encourage critical conversations that lead to action.

Learn more about the Call-In-Cards and The Kit for Centering Black Youth Wellbeing, an online hub that supports anti-Black racism learning + action + community engagement in Ontario’s youth sector.

Youth Research & Evaluation eXchange (YouthREX). (2024). Allyship ft. Kearie Daniel & Likwa Nkala [Video file].

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