Cannabis & Psychosis: Exploring the Link


Cannabis & Psychosis: Exploring the Link

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This video was produced by the Schizophrenia Society of Canada.


Cannabis and Psychosis: Exploring the Link is a project of the Schizophrenia Society of Canada (SSC). Guided by the expertise of our Youth Advisory Committee, Content Advisors, and Scientific Advisors, we aim to create a hub for youth to access and engage with information about cannabis and mental health that is balanced and meets their needs.

The project builds on SSC’s earlier work in this area, which focused on exploring the link between cannabis use and psychosis from the perspective of youth with lived experience.

The award-winning project generated important information about the reasons young people use, their lived experience, and what they felt was important to communicate to other youth about key issues relating to cannabis and psychosis.

Our work is fully led by our Youth Advisory Committee, composed of young people across Canada who spearhead the digital, research, and evaluation components of the project. These youth hold a wealth of expertise spanning across mental health advocacy, harm reduction, and lived experience. We don’t always agree on aspects of cannabis and mental health, but one thing is clear to us all: “just say no” has not worked and we need to provide other youth with the tools to make choices themselves.

Access the toolkit online through the Cannabis and Psychosis: Exploring the Link project.

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