Digital Media and Struggles for Justice


Digital Media and Struggles for Justice

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This video was produced by the Black Youth Project.


Black Youth Project has produced original video content focusing on the changing digital landscape, political engagement tactics, and the ways millennials are pursuing social justice. Through our work with the MacArthur Foundation’s Research Network on Youth Participatory Politics, we have found that young people of colour, through the affordances of new media, are expanding the ways and sites through which they fight for social change and engage in civic activism and political activity. With these changes in political opportunities, young people are innovating the ways they engage with those in power and within their communities.

The video uses the mobilization effects of the #SayHerName campaign to examine the ways that young people are engaged in political action. The video features interviews with prominent activists, scholars, organizers, and others involved in justice work.

Black Youth Project. (2015). Digital Media and Struggles for Justice [Video file]. Retrieved from

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