The Boy in The Box: Advocating for Incarcerated Youth | Eliza Nagel


The Boy in The Box: Advocating for Incarcerated Youth | Eliza Nagel

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Young people in our prison systems are in a tragically precarious and vulnerable position. This passionate lawyer brings the harsh realities of that world to the forefront with empathy and vision.

After a successful, decade-long acting career in New York and LA, which included appearances on numerous television shows including Sex & The City and Carnivale, as well as awards for her independent film work, Eliza Nagel embarked on a year-long trip around the world that included a life-changing visit to Cambodia. It was on this trip that she decided to study international law; four years later, she graduated cum laude from Rutgers Law School. While in law school, her article, ‘For the People or Despite the People,’ was published by Rutgers Law Review. Her passion for working with juvenile offenders led Nagel to move back home to the Hudson Valley after passing the bar. She is now a Clinical Fellow in the Criminal and Youth Justice Clinic at Rutgers School of Law, currently representing 42 youths in custody.

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